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Subject: DBA Wanted
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 10:43:40 -0600
From: Dave Jenkins <djenkins at backcountry.com>
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Spencer Christensen, one of our developers, gave my your name, and said
you might be able to forward this to the group:

PostgreSQL DBA for backcountry.com

Reply to: djenkins at backcountry.com

Backcountry.com, the leading online outdoor retailer, is searching for a
DBA to secure, manage, enhance, and optimize our PostgreSQL database
environment to lead us through our rapidly growing development needs.

We need a DBA who:
1. Knows PostgreSQL on a very deep level
- - Why does the vacuum work the way it does?
- - Why are dead tuples handled the way they are?
- - Where is the code that controls indexing?
- - Why are ordered queries slowing down geometrically because they return
backwards according to the index of the table?
- - what is so great about PG8? 8.03?

2. Knows Linux and Perl very very well
- - What is the best way to construct Db syncs?
- - How would you construct a multi-server environment?

3. Knows how to work in an online retail ecommerce environment
- - previous experience
- - fairly large SKU sets and customer sets

4. Is a fan of the outdoors
- - What are your hobbies?
- - Where was the last place you hiked or climbed?

Please, no telecommuters or subcontractors. We are looking for an in-
office employee to join our great team of engineers to put out one of
the most dynamic, quick-evolving websites in a great industry segment.

      * Job location is Park City
      * Compensation: $45K to $55K + DOE

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