Skilled Java Developer Needed

Dan Forward plug at
Thu Sep 8 12:53:20 MDT 2005

Sasha Pachev wrote:

> In order to fully take advantage of a $150 K guy, you need to let him 
> work in an environment where his skills are used properly. It is 
> unlikely that he would be able to produce twice as much code in the 
> same amount of time. However, he can come up with a way that solves a 
> particular problem using 1/10th of the code volume that you would have 
> had to write without him. He can also write the kind of code that 
> gives you the same performance on 1/10th of the cost of 
> hardware/software. He can also write the kind of code that requires 
> only 10% of your support resources to deal with. But you must give him 
> a chance to do that. If you make him write large volumes of trivial 
> code, he will be bored and actually be producing less than his less 
> expensive peers.

Well said, Sasha. That was precisely what I was getting at. A seasoned 
professional sidesteps common pitfalls that devour tons of time from the 
intelligent amateur. The effective work done can be double that of an 
otherwise good developer wading through new technologies. I do not know 
if we will find such a person, but we wanted the door open wide enough 
that one might apply.


Dan Forward

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