Skilled Java Developer Needed

Dennis devel at
Thu Sep 8 09:30:22 MDT 2005

Dan Forward wrote:

> Michael Halcrow wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 04:41:35PM -0600, Dennis wrote:
>>> Dan Forward wrote:
>>>> Compensation
>>>> --------------------
>>>> $70K - $150K depending on experience. Bonuses and benefits are
>>>> additional.
>>> What experience does it take to get the $150k?
>> The kind of experience that is currently earning you $140k. ;-)
> More particularly, it is the kind of experience that will earn the
> company >= $150K. We would pay that kind of money for Joshua Bloch,
> for example. I had a hard time convincing our HR guy that a developer
> in Utah County could be worth $150K, regardless of the cost of living
> here, but if someone has the experience to get twice as much done as
> two $75K developers, it is simple math. I would love to have such a
> person on staff, that cuts to the chase and thinks through problems well.

I really enjoy working for a company that can drive two developers worth
of work through one developer.  The most productive developer can't get
much done if the company doesn't have organized their priorities in a
maner that he/she can work on those priorities at the speed he is
capable of.  It takes real skill to get things done quick without being
overloaded by the work load too.  There are a lot of people who have a
ton to do but don't get much done.


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