Fwd: [uug] Sign here to get an awesome speaker at the UUG!

Erin Sharmahd tuxgirl at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 08:11:54 MDT 2005

If we get the following meeting set up, PLUG (and other local LUGs)
are welcome to join us.  Please add your name to the petition (email
myself (TuxGirl at gmail.com) or Michael (Stuporglue at gmail.com)) if you
are interested!

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From: Michael Moore <stuporglue at gmail.com>
Date: Sep 2, 2005 4:53 PM
Subject: [uug] Sign here to get an awesome speaker at the UUG!
To: BYU Unix Users Group <uug-list at uug.byu.edu>

We've got an excelent oportunity to have a real *nix professional come
and talk to us. Jeff Waugh is currently working with the Ubuntu
project, and will be presenting at several cities in the US over the
next several months. He's accepting club invitations at the moment,
but we need as many people to say they want to see him as possible!
Jeff works/worked on several projects including Gnome, Debian, and

Here's a copy of the announcement I recieved:

In order to show that we want him, please everyone repsond to this
list with your name and saying you want him to visit the UUG! Once
we've got 20 people, I'll send the request to him.

Thanks all!

Michael Moore

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