Jittery MythTV

Roberto Mello rmello at fslc.usu.edu
Wed Sep 7 16:56:30 MDT 2005

After resurrecting my MythTV box, I finally compiled the mythfrontend on a
Debian Sarge box that is going to be my front to the mythtv server.

I have two problems though:

1) Watching live TV is jittery. Every second the image pauses for a second
   before continuing. I had MythTV running on the same machine several
   months ago and it worked fine, so I don't think it's slowness.

2) Sound is "metallic". It's pretty bad in quality.

Anyone have a clue on how to solve these? Much appreciated.


Athlon 1.8 GHz, 512 MiB RAM, 200 GiB 7200 RPM hard drive
MythTV 0.18 installed from KnoppMyth
Cheapo Hauppage bt878 capture card
Nvidia FX 5200 video card, but no nvidia driver (would it make a



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