Thoughts on new MP3 player?

Michael Halcrow mike at
Tue Sep 6 21:17:32 MDT 2005

On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 06:32:03PM -0600, Steve wrote:
> Yesterday I made the mistake of putting my Creative Nomad Muvo in my
> back pocket. Needless to say my player is destroyed (I have a bony
> butt).  I've been looking at purchasing a new MP3 player, and only
> have about $150 to spend on this purchase.

Why not another Muvo? I bought a Muvo2 at Fry's a few weeks back for
$150, with a $40 mail-in rebate (I never consider the rebates when
making a purchase decision though; I buy the product at the store
price if I think it is a good price, and then I count it as luck if
the rebate actually comes afterward). 5GB, FM receiver/recorder,
built-in mic, ``mount -t vfat /dev/sda'' interface -- it's almost all
a guy could want (sans Ogg...).

Getting my short-range FM transmitter to do its job is another
story. I picked up a Belkin transmitter for $25. I taped the
transmitter to the roll bar in the hatch area of my car, inches from
the antenna, and even then it's hit or miss with the reception (if a
local station overpowers the transmitter, I lose the signal; that
happens for about half of my commute to work). I have considered
splicing the wire to the antenna, running a bare wire across the hatch
and putting the transmitter right on top of it, but the madness has to
stop somewhere. Maybe I'll break down and get a decent stereo with a
front-input jack.

The hokey pokey... What if that's really what it's all about? 
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