Thoughts on new MP3 player?

Steve smorrey at
Tue Sep 6 18:32:03 MDT 2005

Hello everyone.
Yesterday I made the mistake of putting my Creative Nomad Muvo in my 
back pocket.
Needless to say my player is destroyed (I have a bony butt).
I've been looking at purchasing a new MP3 player, and only have about 
$150 to spend on this purchase.
I did a google search and found this VERY interesting.
It looks really kewl, but what I can't seem to figure out is how on 
earth you get music onto the thing.
I'm exclusively using Gentoo, and with my Muvo I just plugged it in and 
used it as you would any other USB drive no problem.
I'm not seeing anything of the sort.
Has anyone tried this device out or seen one IRL?
Also does anyone have a good suggestion for a new MP3 player in my price 
range that will work with linux?

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