Python UG invites you for free stuff + food

Jonathan Ellis jonathan at
Tue Sep 6 11:11:45 MDT 2005

At 7:00 this Thursday, Sept 8, the Utah Python User Group is presenting
comparison of 6 Python editors and IDEs.  The 3 leading commercial
vendors (ActiveState, TheKompany, and Wingware) have donated licenses
for the UPyUG to distribute as door prizes.  (The combined
retail value is over $450.)

Historically, the lack of first class IDEs providing features such as
code completion has been a significant gap in the toolset enjoyed by
Python programmers.  Come see how open-source and commercial projects
are eliminating this weakness and making work in the leading dynamic
language even more productive!

The UPyUG meets at the offices of Berkeley Data Systems in American
Fork.  Directions are on the website at

Food and drink will be provided.

(This is the fourth meeting of the UPyUG after changing its name from
the Provo Python Meetup.)


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