Suggestion for a good monochrome laserjet?

Troy Wolfe wolfepak at
Mon Sep 5 23:52:57 MDT 2005

> Yeah; I haven't owned any inkjets for about five years now, so I'd
> like to see how much better they're doing nowadays. I keep finding
> things that I want to print out in color too. :-) And Epson Stylus is
> fully supported (fancy features and all) with the Gimp-Print driver
> (the Gutenprint driver looks nifty, but I don't like the binary-only
> component at all).
> Mike

Nice thing about the epson is that you can buy cartridges for it
aftermarket for reall inexpensive.  I have a c84 and I buy the Hi-cap
black online from printpal for 8 dollars, sometimes less. and the
colors (individual ) for 7 each.

>From epson those are 35 and 13 respectively

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