Email domain black listed?

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Mon Sep 5 16:44:15 MDT 2005

Thus said Kenneth Burgener on Mon, 05 Sep 2005 08:57:56 MDT:

> So I thought I was being a good net citizen by routing all my outbound
> email through my ISPs SMTP server (

Comcast is notorious for having spammers on their network. I just had an
idea that could profit from Comcast users; it likely already exists as a
service, but... What about an SMTP relay service for folks like you that
have problems sending email because of your ISP?

Indeed, there are many companies/products that block emails based on the
Dynamic IP address ranges. Most don't  block, however, unless your IP is
the sending  IP. Using your ISP's  relay should keep you  safe, however,
there are some places that block even the second level.

> What is one to do to get his emails out.

Get a real ISP. :-)

> For  example  the  below  email   just  bounced  back  to  me,  saying
>  is  listed  in  the  black hole.  My  address  today  is
>, so  it wasn't me.  is so
> it  wasn't the  SMTP exactly.  So some  other mail  router at  Comcast
> touched my email and now it is a bad email?

Yep, as simple as that:

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