WINE and viruses

Steve smorrey at
Mon Sep 5 13:49:23 MDT 2005

I dunno about Wine, because I never have gotten it to successfully run.
However I installed McAfee Security Suite onto my Win4Lin desktop, and 
it found no less than 37 viri (guess I need to have a talk with my 
friends about safe surfing habits).  I wonder if this is a new record 
for worst infected Linux box in history... I think I'll call Guiness ;)

Brian Beardall wrote:

>A few months ago I read how you couldn't get viruses in WINE.  I just
>experienced the exact opposite the other night, and it took me a lot of
>time to reinstall everything.  A sign that WINE is getting closer to
>Windows is when a virus actually loads, and then it runs without
>crashing.  I inadvertantly installed the virus trying to get a no-cd
>patch for Homeworld Cataclysm.
>WINE and viruses is a new thing because usually the virus installer
>would just crash.  There is still one advantage over Microsoft Windows
>and that is that all of the personal data isn't lost, and also one
>command can erase the user WINE install since there are two parts to a
>WINE install.  :)
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