WINE and viruses

Brian Beardall brian at
Mon Sep 5 13:42:53 MDT 2005

A few months ago I read how you couldn't get viruses in WINE.  I just
experienced the exact opposite the other night, and it took me a lot of
time to reinstall everything.  A sign that WINE is getting closer to
Windows is when a virus actually loads, and then it runs without
crashing.  I inadvertantly installed the virus trying to get a no-cd
patch for Homeworld Cataclysm.

WINE and viruses is a new thing because usually the virus installer
would just crash.  There is still one advantage over Microsoft Windows
and that is that all of the personal data isn't lost, and also one
command can erase the user WINE install since there are two parts to a
WINE install.  :)

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