Suggestion for a good monochrome laserjet?

Tyler Strickland tyler at
Mon Sep 5 08:43:24 MDT 2005

On 09/05/2005 07:45 AM, Tyler Strickland wrote:

> I bought an old HP LaserJet 4+ and a roller kit from 
> - the whole deal cost me about $100 and I got an 
> awesome printer to boot.  I've seen printers like it print double its 
> current 57,000 page count without blinking.
> Those old boxy HP's will take a beating and keep on printing. I can't 
> recommend them enough.
> Oh, and toner only costs about $50 for a 6800 page-yield cartridge - 

One more note on the LJ4+ - the ethernet card for it (jetdirect 400N) 
only costs $10-20 on ebay.  Hard to beat, though an external print 
server may work better for the portability reasons you listed in another 


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