Different kind of InstallFest

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at uvlug.org
Mon Sep 5 08:35:01 MDT 2005

Barry Roberts wrote:
> I'll be hosting a Re-InstallFest for the virus and malware infested
> Windows users in my ward.  I plan to have a couple of Linux boxes set
> up to show OpenOffice, gThumb, gtkpod, Enemy Territory, scribus, qemu,
> and other things to help them see that switching isn't that hard
> (compared to re-installing Windows periodically).

Wow, you are a brave soul.  Are you going to be the only person 
assisting everyone with their installs?  The second you support them in 
an install, you become the primary target for ALL tech calls.  I suggest 
you get a few more geeks there to spread out the future tech support calls.

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