Suggestion for a good monochrome laserjet?

Matt Bowler matt at
Sun Sep 4 23:50:42 MDT 2005

> You can buy a Samsung ML1710 laser printer for about $100 these days.
> The image drum/tonor cartidges are about a $100 also, though, but toner,
> unlike inkjets, can be refilled until the image drum wears out.

About inkjets refills...mall inkjet refillers are not much better than
new cartridgesjwhen it comes to price.  I bought a universal inkjet
refill kit from costco for about $16 and it has worked great on HP 56
and 57 cartridges.  It only takes minutes...just be sure to wear the
plastic gloves and keep extra paper towels on hand, just in case.  If
you have a currently have a cheap inkjet printer this may be a great
way to extend it's life without spending a fortune.  I have refilled my
cartridges about 5 times over the last year with this one kit.....I
guess I have enough ink for that many more.

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