Different kind of InstallFest

Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Sun Sep 4 21:41:53 MDT 2005

I'll be hosting a Re-InstallFest for the virus and malware infested
Windows users in my ward.  I plan to have a couple of Linux boxes set
up to show OpenOffice, gThumb, gtkpod, Enemy Territory, scribus, qemu,
and other things to help them see that switching isn't that hard
(compared to re-installing Windows periodically).

My desktop is Fedora Core 4, and I was thinking of setting up an
OpenSuSE beta desktop.  Windows users tend to like KDE, and Novell is
the home team.

We'll be starting with a LiveCD distro.  I don't want no stinking
viruses on my network.  That's to get their data backed up before

I'll have AVG and ZoneAlarm already downloaded so they'll be installed
before any fresh Windows installs connect to the net, and I'll make
sure the FIRST thing they do after that is Windows Update.  Then
Mozilla and delete the IE icon from the desktop and the Start menu.

I also plan to send everybody home with something like the OpenCD.

I was thinking of using Knoppix, and OpenCD, but I'm open to
suggestions and what applications would really impress Windows users.

If anyone has any general suggestions on making something like this
successful, I would love to hear it.

Barry Roberts

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