Suggestion for a good monochrome laserjet?

Gary Thornock gthornock at
Sun Sep 4 18:01:30 MDT 2005

--- Kenneth Burgener <kenneth at> wrote:
> I am looking to buy a simple monochrome laserjet printer for
> home.  Does any one have a good suggestion for a reliable
> laserjet printer for under $200?  Where is the best place to
> buy them and also where is the best place to get replacement
> cartridges?
> This printer will be primarily to print school papers for my
> wife.
> I have been looking at the HP LaserJet printers 1012 and 1020,
> which are about $117 and $179 respectively.  Anyone had any
> experience with these?

I generally prefer HP for laser printing, mainly because it's
easy to find toner, supplies, and (on the rare occasion that I
need them) parts and repair facilities.

The little information I'm finding on the 1012 and 1020 doesn't
impress me much, though.  In particular, the specs for the
1020 refer to "host-based printing" as the only available
language.  (I couldn't find a spec page for the 1012, as it's a
discontinued product.)  "Host-based printing" is a euphemism for
"win-printer", except that HP probably also has drivers for Mac
and, if you're lucky, maybe Linux.

If I were looking for a new laser printer, I'd definitely insist
on one that supported at least one of PCL and Postscript, and
preferably both.  Of course, that does mean that the printers I'd
be looking at are more expensive: the 1320 (the current successor
to the 1200 that someone else mentioned) lists at around $500.
(You can probably find one under $400 if you look, though.)

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