Suggestion for a good monochrome laserjet?

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Sun Sep 4 11:43:16 MDT 2005

I am looking to buy a simple monochrome laserjet printer for home.  Does 
any one have a good suggestion for a reliable laserjet printer for under 
$200?  Where is the best place to buy them and also where is the best 
place to get replacement cartridges?

This printer will be primarily to print school papers for my wife.

I have been looking at the HP LaserJet printers 1012 and 1020, which are 
about $117 and $179 respectively.  Anyone had any experience with these?

I know my father in law has the 1012 and he has had no problems with it, 
and I was also able to get it to work with IPP printing with our Debian 
file server.

Thanks in advanced,

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