Good Hot Topic Filters?

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Sat Sep 3 11:31:19 MDT 2005

Michael wrote:

> If you don't have access to procmail, I know that some mail clients
> can emulate procmail by doing the filtering when you check your
> e-mail.

KMail (which I'm using now) has awesome filtering and threading 
capabilities.  I've defined about fifty filters, so all incoming mail 
goes into the appropriate folder and anything "left over" goes into a 
"suspect" folder that tends to be 80% spam at the end of the day.

Also, you can choose on a per-folder basis whether you'd like to view 
messages in list mode or threaded mode.  If threaded, you can then 
elect to ignore the entire thread.

Thunderbird is nice, but if you have a choice between it and KMail I'd 
definitely recommend the latter.

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