[OT] Are we a democracy or a republic?

Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Fri Sep 2 18:13:40 MDT 2005

Thus said Michael Torrie on Fri, 02 Sep 2005 18:01:22 MDT:

> Having lived for 20 years in Canada  and then here for more than 10, I
> can say that when all is said  and done, we pay almost the same amount
> for all our  services as they do. For example,  start with taxes, then
> add in the various insurances  premiums and health-care costs. Ideally
> it  is still  lower  here  than there  (the  amount  removed from  the
> paycheck each month), but not by much. It is just that it is easier to
> digest because it's  divided up and taken  out a piece at  a time (fed
> income  tax,  state  income  tax,  health  premium,  social  security,
> unemployment insurance, etc) that it  is seems much more appealing and
> palatable.

Is this supposed to  make me feel better about all the  taxes we have to
pay? Whether it comes out in small  chunks or one lump sum, it still has
the same effect  on the ``bottom line.'' How many  people would suddenly
realize how much they  really pay in taxes if we only had  to pay a lump
sum at the end  of the year? How many people  would then voluntarily pay
this? They  know that  it is  easier to nickle  and dime  than it  is to
demand it all at once, which is why unlawful methods like forcing it out
of  every paycheck  is  enacted. Also,  whatever  happened to  voluntary
taxation? Are  we subjects under a  King or are we  sovereign freemen as
our founding fathers intended?

> So while I  recognize this slide, I don't think  it's necessarily bad.
> I  am  extremely  concerned  over  our  hypocrisy  when  it  comes  to
> globalization. We want the whole world to open up their markets to us,
> but we're still more protectionist than China on many fronts.

Would you agree then that protectionism is bad for our economy?

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