[OT] Are we a democracy or a republic?

Stephen B. Saunders stephen.saunders at denomin.com
Fri Sep 2 13:21:31 MDT 2005

Quoting Andy Bradford <amb-1064524778 at bradfords.org>:

> But, I ask, what is socialism anyway?

Socialism is country-level communism without the lust for world domination.
Contrast socialism with capitalism - it's the opposite of a free market (don't
contrast it with the US because there isn't much free left to our market)
Socialism is advertized as collectivist (sound close to democracy? - government
by the people) but in practice results in government by the few (just like
democracy) ... an oligarchy or a dictatorship  ... totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism or total government is on the opposite side of the scale from
Anarchy.  A constitutional republic or limited government is the closest thing
to anarchy and the farthest thing from Socialism, Fascism, Communism, etc.  In
the US we used to have a really great thing and it's taken over a century to
undo it.

Democracy doesn't last.  It's bad enough that we turned our government into a
democracy but it's even worse that we've tried to do the same to others (sound
like communism? - forcing our form of government on others).

Stephen B. Saunders

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