Great Filesystem Shoot-out

dataw0lf digitalsuicide at
Fri Sep 2 11:11:11 MDT 2005

dataw0lf wrote:
> Here's another machine.  I thought it'd be interesting to test on this
> machine, since I just ported Python to Tru64 4.0f.
> Tru64 4.0f OSF/1
> AdvFS (not journalled)
> ES40 - 833 MHz Alpha processors x 4, 16 GBs of RAM, Compaq StorageWorks
> RAID Array, 36.4/72.3 ULTRA3 SCSI HDs at 15k RPM
> 32.661023

I should explain that this machine is being accessed by approximately
10-20 users writing and reading to the same large array (pic here:  Most of these users are
running instances of Boeing's Softplotter photogrammetry application off
the same machine's X server, and the files they are accessing can range
from 1 to 100 raw TIFF images of 1 to 2 gigs.  So the time is actually
quite phenomenal.  AdvFS is quite a powerful filesystem.

Here's the load average on the machine, before I ran the test:

bash-2.04# uptime
11:24  up 332 days,  1:53,  12 users,  load average: 2.88, 2.93, 3.04


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Lead Network Administrator/Engineer Aero-Graphics Inc.
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