Great Filesystem Shoot-out

Grant Robinson santiago at
Fri Sep 2 11:02:08 MDT 2005

On Sep 02, 2005, at 10:28 AM, Lars Rasmussen wrote:

> On 9/2/05, Grant Robinson <santiago at> wrote:
>> Ok, here is something fun to demonstrate file system performance.
>> Here is a python script that does 10000 directory creations followed 
>> by
>> 10000 directory deletions.  It then does 10000 file creations, 
>> followed
>> by a five character write, followed by closing the file.  It then
>> deletes the 10000 files.
> Grant, won't a five character write favor those file systems that
> perform well with several small files?  I'd bet on ReiserFS based on
> the above specs.
> I'd like to see results of some larger file creation tests as well.
> Creating & deleting a few 5-10GB files, for example.  Perhaps large
> file performance would be better suited to separate tests.
> Thoughts?

Yes, it is skewed.  It does give us a reference point of how fast 
certain operations perform (creations, deletetions, etc).  Two other 
good tests would be a balanced set of medium size, typical writes (1k, 
100k, 1MB, 10MB) as well as some tests of larger writes (100 MB, 500 
MB, 1 GB, 5 GB).  If there is enough interest there, I'm sure we could 
do something similar.


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