Great Filesystem Shoot-out

Lars Rasmussen lars.rasmussen at
Fri Sep 2 10:28:18 MDT 2005

On 9/2/05, Grant Robinson <santiago at> wrote:
> Ok, here is something fun to demonstrate file system performance.
> Here is a python script that does 10000 directory creations followed by
> 10000 directory deletions.  It then does 10000 file creations, followed
> by a five character write, followed by closing the file.  It then
> deletes the 10000 files.

Grant, won't a five character write favor those file systems that
perform well with several small files?  I'd bet on ReiserFS based on
the above specs.

I'd like to see results of some larger file creation tests as well.

Creating & deleting a few 5-10GB files, for example.  Perhaps large
file performance would be better suited to separate tests.


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