Great Filesystem Shoot-out

Grant Robinson santiago at
Fri Sep 2 10:08:55 MDT 2005

Ok, here is something fun to demonstrate file system performance.

Here is a python script that does 10000 directory creations followed by 
10000 directory deletions.  It then does 10000 file creations, followed 
by a five character write, followed by closing the file.  It then 
deletes the 10000 files.

To participate, run this python script on your machine (and we can 
include other OS's, including windows and OS X in this) and then report 
back to the list with the following information:

OS and version
filesystem type (ext2, ext3, NTFS, etc.) and whether it is journaled
machine specs (specifically processor speed, disk size, disk interface, 
and disk rotational speed)
the time spit out by the script

As an example, here are my laptop results:

Mac OS X 10.3
HFS+ w/Journaling
Powerbook G4, ATA-133, 60 GB, 4800 RPM

If you have multiple filesystem types on the same machine, try them all 
and report back with the results.

(P.S. I would recommend putting the script in it's own newly created 


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