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Matt Bowler wrote:
> The signs are readable if you click on the larger sizes....but what is the
> whole story about the dog? 

Wow, I guess I should kick Joel for bringing that back up.  I'd point to
my old blog for the long saga, but I'm to lazy to put it back up, and
haven't ever finished a new one.

Long story short, the guy is a neighbor that is an extreme nutcase
(dont' we all need one?).  Basically, the guy was already very bitter
that (at the time) I worked at home and he knew I made a couple times
his salary (manual laborer), he's just found an easy income by moving in
with his girlfriend who had a decent job.

Anyways, in a neighborhood with a leash-law (which we follow closely)
this guy has taught his dog to go pee/poop in other peoples yards,
usually ours (lotsa trees).  So we were getting quite upset.  Finally
one day, while our dog is in heat, we literally can't get his
(unneutered) dog off our front porch, so my wife calls the animal
control, who of course comes and takes his dog, and fines him to get it

He get's home, and sets those up, saying I took his dog out of his yard,
and set it all up.

This guy is craaaazy.

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