Andrew McNabb amcnabb at
Thu Sep 1 23:56:59 MDT 2005

On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 11:41:17PM -0600, Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> Now, kernel stability should be up to your distro.  If you can't get a
> stable kernel from them... then it's time to jump ship.  In three
> years with Red Hat (and now CentOS) kernels I've only seen one (1)
> kernel panic and it was my fault for messing with the modules for
> digium hardware (zaptel).  I don't know how others have done with
> them. YMMV.

I agree.  I wish distros (Red Hat!!) would try harder to make a stable
kernel.  In RHEL, I've seen dozens of kernel panics (including one
today, in fact).  It's not much fun.

Andrew McNabb
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