Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Thu Sep 1 23:24:03 MDT 2005

Thus said Andrew McNabb on Thu, 01 Sep 2005 21:26:29 MDT:

> I've always had negative feelings towards  Reiser FS, and I'm not sure
> whether it's  just misguided  prejudice or  if it's  really justified.
> I've heard  at least a couple  of horror stories, and  I've gotten the
> feeling that stability isn't a top goal.  Is it still this way, or has
> it never been this way, or has it improved?

I  too  had bad  experiences  with  ReiserFS  years  ago when  it  first
came  out  and  unfortunately  it   has  left  me  scarred.  Files  just
randomly disappearing and entire directories throwing errors and causing
excessive hangs just didn't do it for me. While ext2 may have to fsck, I
have never lost data due to filesystem problems on it. I now prefer ext3
on Linux systems. As for XFS, never had the itch to try it.

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