Gary Thornock gthornock at
Thu Sep 1 22:25:04 MDT 2005

--- Andrew McNabb <amcnabb at> wrote:
> I've always had negative feelings towards Reiser FS, and I'm
> not sure whether it's just misguided prejudice or if it's
> really justified.  I've heard at least a couple of horror
> stories, and I've gotten the feeling that stability isn't a top
> goal.  Is it still this way, or has it never been this way, or
> has it improved?

I've had concerns about the stability of ReiserFS for a long
time, which was one of the reasons that I went to XFS instead
of Reiser when I lost a huge pile of data in an EXT3 failure.
However, I do know that we have several servers at work that run
Reiser, and I haven't heard of any problems resulting from the
choice of filesystem.  So, maybe it's improved.

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