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Thu Sep 1 22:07:39 MDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-09-01 at 21:26 -0600, Andrew McNabb wrote:
> I've always had negative feelings towards Reiser FS, and I'm not sure
> whether it's just misguided prejudice or if it's really justified.  I've
> heard at least a couple of horror stories, and I've gotten the feeling
> that stability isn't a top goal.  Is it still this way, or has it never
> been this way, or has it improved?

I've only ever seen one total data loss because of purely software
problems and reiserfs on SuSE [the caps are a hint that this was Some
Time Ago(tm)] was the culprit. Hans Reiser's opinion is that error
correction should be handled in hardware, not software. LKML members are
leery of including the latest reiserfs 4 code because it looks ugly to

That said, reiserfs seems to be much kinder to hardware. On a couple of
occasions, jochc has shared his personal experience using reiserfs on a
seriously large number of disks. He saw significantly lower rates of
failure after switching to reiserfs. Of all "evidence" I've encountered,
both pro and con, his is the most compelling.

I also like that reiserfs (unlike ext2/ext3) can add inodes if it starts
running out.

I've heard it said "there are two types of reiserfs user: 1) those who
tried reiserfs and love it and 2) those who tried reiserfs on Red Hat
Linux". If reiserfs isn't a high priority on your distro of choice,
you're probably in for a bumpier ride. If someone is helping to do good
Q&A on it, you might love it.

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