Andrew McNabb amcnabb at
Thu Sep 1 21:26:29 MDT 2005

I've used ext2/3 for the most part, and I've never had any big problems,
but I'm always open to new stuff.

I tried JFS for a couple of months, but one big problem I ran into with
my setup is that I somehow end up having to resize my partitions every
two or three months, and I couldn't figure out how to shrink a JFS
partition (ext2/3 resize very easily).  I also had the minor but
irritating problem that even though it's a journaled filesystem, it
won't mount after an unclean shutdown without a fsck.

I've always had negative feelings towards Reiser FS, and I'm not sure
whether it's just misguided prejudice or if it's really justified.  I've
heard at least a couple of horror stories, and I've gotten the feeling
that stability isn't a top goal.  Is it still this way, or has it never
been this way, or has it improved?

Andrew McNabb
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