[OT] Power Trips

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Thu Sep 1 17:34:04 MDT 2005

Jacob Fugal wrote:
> So what have we gained by adding PLUG-OT? Nothing. Bad Zeke still
> angers Adam, Ignorant Zeke still angers Adam. All we've done is
> changed the vehicle of Zeke's ignorance.

You're oversimplifying: what about the people who have heard about Linux 
and want to join a local user's group to see what's going on?  They 
aren't going to have filters.  You're not going to hear from most of 
them--they'll lurk for a while then silently unsubscribe, dismissing the 
group as a bunch of radicals.

Nonetheless, let's drop the idea to split.  The only right answer is to 
not have flame wars.  There have been a lot of personal attacks on the 
list recently.  If they don't stop, the community will very likely shrink.


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