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Andrew McNabb amcnabb at mcnabbs.org
Thu Sep 1 16:04:40 MDT 2005

On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 03:05:21PM -0600, Shane Hathaway wrote:
> However, it seems like there are subscribers who would prefer a Linux
> support forum without the random commentary.  The name "PLUG" implies
> a Linux support forum, after all.

The name "PLUG" (Provo Linux Users Group) implies a Group of Linux Users
with something to do with Provo.  I don't see anything about a support

I'm not on this list because I want support.  I'm not on this list
because I want to provide support (though I try to do some of that when
I'm able).  I'm on this list because I like interacting with Linux geeks
and hearing what they're up to.  I especially like hearing about new
things they've tried (we've had some great ones recently).

> Are there enough subscribers who want that?  If there are a lot, we
> should have separate lists.

The problem with having a support-only-and-never-anything-else list is
that many people who have some great answers to various questions don't
want to sign up for a list where all they can do is answer questions.
Frankly, things can really get boring if no one ever gets off topic.

> If there are only a few, the best solution is for them to subscribe to
> the list using a different email address than their main email
> address.  That's what I do, in fact.

You can also filter.  Procmail and Thunderbird work really well.  You
can also use them to filter out "OT" messages.  I really can't recommend
filtering strongly enough.

Andrew McNabb
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