x2x -- throw away the docking station

Alan Young alansyoungiii at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 15:57:21 MDT 2005

> I'm not exactly sure what thinsoftinc has in terms of products.  From
> their home page I got the impression that they are into thin client
> computing.  The most well known linux project having to do with thin
> clients is LTSP.  Found at: http://www.ltsp.org/

They are, they also provide multihead support.  I'm aware of LTSP but
that's not what I need (I'd like to use it, but I need to do this with
a win32 setup).

> On the thinsoftinc home page they had a banner speaking about turning 1
> PC into 5.  On linux you can accomplish this with something like:
> I'm interested to know which of the two things above you were actually
> interested in.

The 1 pc into 5 ... we're using the betwin product which lets us allow
customers to access a win32 guest account.

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