Power Trips

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Thu Sep 1 15:05:21 MDT 2005

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> It would have to be done by the administrator of the plug mail server. 
> (Is that you?)  Otherwise the list would be in a different domain, and 
> culturally, switching to a different domain feels like switching 
> communities.
> Also, let me reverse the suggestion: plug at plug.org should be the general 
> discussion, and the new group should be more topic-focused.  However, 
> all current members should be subscribed automatically to the new 
> on-topic group.

I should mention why I'm suggesting this.

It's very rare that I actually have to ask how to do something in Linux. 
  My preferred distribution lays it all out for me.  When I run into 
something particularly nasty, I visit my distribution's discussion site 
and 90% of the time I find that someone has already answered my question.

Therefore, I'm not interested in this community as a Linux support 
forum.  I'm much more interested in hearing the ideas that cross the 
mind of local open source enthusiasts, whether those ideas involve 
technology, politics, current events, jobs, etc.  I'd like to think that 
those subjects are always on-topic.  I don't like the flame wars, but at 
least they're not extreme.

However, it seems like there are subscribers who would prefer a Linux 
support forum without the random commentary.  The name "PLUG" implies a 
Linux support forum, after all.  Are there enough subscribers who want 
that?  If there are a lot, we should have separate lists.  If there are 
only a few, the best solution is for them to subscribe to the list using 
a different email address than their main email address.  That's what I 
do, in fact.

BTW, I don't come to meetings because you guys hold the meeting on 
*exactly* the wrong night every month.  It's the only night my wife 
leaves and I have to watch the kids.  <sigh>


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