Power Trips

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Thu Sep 1 10:08:53 MDT 2005

I've been accused of going on a power trip. Well, ok, maybe I did. But
let's review the evidence.

Members of this list have over and over requested that we stop the
madness of constant flaming and off-topic conversations. I for one am
particularly sick of political discussions, and currently oil always
leads to politics. And yet some people continue to flame and carry on
political discussions, regardless of the feelings of "the members of the
list". I propose that contributing to such a thread is also a power trip
of sorts, with the same reach: it affects everyone that belongs to the

I have been given the impression that the overwhelming majority of
members on this list prefer the reply-to.  So I figured, if anything
will nip this political thread in the bud, it will be the preservation
of the precious reply-to. That was the reasoning, although I never
really believed it.  You see, I believed that this list has not the
self-control to not post to a thread that "the members" oppose, even in
the face of losing the precious reply-to. Mostly I wanted to make that
point, because introspection is a good thing, even for a community.

Now, I'm not bitter. I don't particularly mind most of the stuff that
goes on, personally. I find it amusing and fun, and part of the charm of
PLUG. But please don't villainize me for doing that which everyone else
continually does, just because the vehicle was different.

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