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Von Fugal von at fugal.net
Thu Sep 1 09:52:30 MDT 2005

* Grant Robinson [Wed, 31 Aug 2005 at 21:24 -0600]
> On Aug 31, 2005, at 8:21 PM, Andy Bradford wrote:
> >Thus said Grant Robinson on Wed, 31 Aug 2005 17:57:44 MDT:
> >
> >>The subject line says  most of it. It hasn't killed  the flame war, so
> >>just put it back, and no one will get hurt.
> >
> >No, but  it does make  it much easier  for folks with  intelligent 
> >email
> >clients to send a direct (or off-list) response if needed and thus 
> >avoid
> >public ignomy  which usually  results in  awkward requests  of 
> >apologies
> >from the sender.
> If anyone was going to reply saying "get rid of the reply-to for good", 
> it would be Andy. :) 

Here here! Gone with the reply-to forever! Muahaha

> However, we've gone over this many times, and it 
> always comes down to the fact that most of the time (99%), people want 
> to reply to the list and _not_ the person.  It has nothing to do with 
> "intelligent" email clients.  That is why we still have it, because a 
> few people with an axe to grind want to remove the reply-to, and 
> everyone else wants it to stay.

The point is without the reply-to mangling, you CAN send to either list
OR personally without ANY mucking about in the address space. It "Just
Works(TM)" However, with the reply-to mangled, munged, and beffuddled,
the latter becomes a daunting task (at least as far as us lazy
programmer types are concerned) and one who's at his witt's end and
should reply privately is going to be in such a state of mind as to not
take the many times more frustrating path.

> Plus, Hans removed it to attempt to stop the flame war.  I was pointing 
> out it didn't stop it, so put it back the way it was.  So, let's not 
> start another flame war centered around the reply-to header.

/me pulls out his flame-thrower and silver-fire-shelter-tent-thing.
Flame on! Honestly, I think Hans just wanted an excuse to have some fun
with this, and we gave it to him. ;)

Von Fugal
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