Put the reply-to header back...

Grant Shipley gshipley at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 09:39:57 MDT 2005

I had to pipe up about this one.  

I have been a member and have contributed to the list since early 98. 
I am not making comment as to which way is better (reply-to). 
However, I think whoever (hans I think if I read his post warning of
this) changed this should have informed the club members that such a
change happened.  When someone changes something that affects everyone
on the list, without letting them know .... well, its just a power

Of course, my point is invalid if the "powers that be" feel that the
general membership of the list should have no say about the inner
workings of the list.  If this is the case, please let us *members*
know and we will pipe down until we have next elections... wait a
second.... do we have elections?

Also, please invalidate my point if the person who owns the server and
the bw to make the list run made the change.

Off topic conversations are going to happen.  Its human nature.  The
reason we have so many off topic conversations lately is because there
is not much else to talk about.  Linux just works.  We don't have
winmodem and endless sound questions like we used to because things
have gotten better and it works (for the most part) out of the box.

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