XML Editor

Dan Stovall dbstovall at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 10:12:36 MST 2005

I am looking for a powerful open source graphical XML Editor.

Feature requirements:

Export to and import from XSD and DTD
XML Validation
Schema doc generation
XML Example genereation
Graphical representaion of Schema/DTD
Run in CentOS 4

Basically, I need something that can be used to edit XML Schema or
DTD, do validation, and spit out something that is a little bit more
reader friendly than a schema or dtd, for inclusion in a specification
document.  I have been using Turbo XML but it won't run in CentOS 4
and I am sick of booting to Windows to use it.

If you have any suggestions let me know.


Dan Stovall
I swear Power Point is going to be the downfall of higher education in
western society.

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