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Jesse Stay jessestay at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 09:53:44 MDT 2005

My Uncle forwarded this to me - pay is a bit low, but it is a startup.
 Keep in mind these are the same guys that started Freeservers.com,
now owned by the company Jayce^ works for:

Know More Media publishes expert tips, opinions, advice, news, and
information on various business-to-business topics through its rapidly
expanding online network of business trade blogs.  We are at an early
stage and growing rapidly and are led by a team of seasoned executives
with many years of online publishing, website creation and business
management experience. Know More Media is a leader in developing blog
networks and will ambitiously publish several new blogs per month.

We are seeking a professional web programmer for full or part-time
employment.  Skills required include programming in Perl, database
administration, XHTML/JS/CSS, XML, and APACHE.  Familiarity with PHP
and the blogging software Movable Type's Programmatic Interfaces
(XML-RPC APIs and plugin creation) is preferred.  Previous experience
in programming web applications and accessing databases is required. 
The opening is part or full-time with flexible hours.  You may work
from home.  It will require a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Job Description
Programming for web applications
Work closely with business team to support weblog publishing

Required Skills
Perl Programming (1 year or more)
- Strong knowledge of language, regular expressions, perl objects, DBI
- Experience working with any database preferred (Postgresql useful)
Knowledge of Moveable Type or other Blog software
Ability to manage multiple tasks
Willingness and ability to communicate
Must have own computer with high speed internet access at home office

Starting $10 - $12 an hour, depending on experience.  As individual
proves themselves, potential to grow into a salaried position.  Intern
potential as appropriate.

Part or full-time hourly position with flexible hours 4-8 hours a day
5 days a week

Contact Information
If you qualify for this position, please email your resume and contact
information to
hal at knowmoremedia.com.

Hal Halladay

We expect to complete this hire 11/15/05


Jesse Stay

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