$6,000+ project

Matthew Ross Walker matt at thebraingarden.com
Fri Oct 21 10:37:03 MDT 2005

Ditto. It's awful. Stay far far away.

Daniel C. wrote:
> Jason,
>     Just a word of warning.  I have experience with OSCommerce.  Stay
> Away.  It works fine out of the box but if you want to customize it,
> it's just a nightmare.
> Dan
> On 10/21/05, contact at echazen.com <contact at echazen.com> wrote:
>>See attached.  Feel free to call me, if needed.
>>Jason Ho-Ching
>>eChazen Internet Solutions
>>Office:   602.635.2125
>>Cell:      480.452.8560
>>AIM: eChazenSupport | YAHOO: eChazen | MSN: support at eChazen.com | SKYPE:
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