$6,000+ project

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See attached.  Feel free to call me, if needed.

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On 10/21/2005 09:11 AM, contact at echazen.com wrote:
> I have a project that I need to outsource to a company or group.  Is 
> there a company or team on this board/list that can take it on?  I 
> don't want programmers who have full-time jobs and just freelance on 
> the side.  The job will pay at LEAST $6,000 and will take 5-7 weeks.
> Please email if you are interested in the details or if you know of a 
> company/group of programmers on the pluglist who may be interested.

Details would help here...  For example, programming language, type of 
project (web, desktop, server...), extent of project, etc.

Also, how large a group are you looking for?  Does it already have to 
exist or would several interested people work?

It's hard to say I'm available without knowing what I'm available for.


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