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On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 07:59:29PM -0600, Stephen Ward wrote:
> Disclaimer: I don't really know what I'm doing. :)

Unlike me, you admit it.

> Issue: I have an nForce motherboard with a built-in GeForce 3d
> accelerator.  Without having installed the nvidia display drivers, I
> was getting weird (annoying) flickering on my screen when running my X
> server (XFree86, on debian).
> So I downloaded and installed the nvidia drivers and made sure Load
> "glx" was included in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4.  Now when I start my X
> server, I get no flickers (yay!) and I get nice framerates with
> glxgears (yay!), but I also get a nasty resolution/scrolling problem
> that I can't solve and is driving me nuts.
> My X server seems to be running at a higher resolution than the
> resolution of my monitor.  Certain parts of the desktop are off the
> screen and in order to view them I have to move my mouse to the edge
> of the screen and the whole desktop starts to scroll.  Arg!  I know my
> monitor can handle a higher resolution than this, but how do I let my
> display subsystem know this?  I didn't have this problem until I
> installed nvidia. :(

Here's the deal. You have a physical screen, the monitor; and a
virtual screen, in memory in the video card. If the virtual screen is
larger than the monitor can handle, the video card selects a portion
of the virtual screen to ship out to the monitor.

But all the software (X, etc.) sees the virtual screen. So stuff that
is visible on the virtual screen may not be visible on the physical
screen. To work with this, you can pan around in the virtual screen by
moving the rodent pointer to any of the four edges of the physical
screen, as you've already found.

You may have multiple ratios between the physical and virtual
screens. If the ratio is 1:1, which is what you are used to, then
there is no panning. To toggle between ratios, use CTL-ALT-+ and
CTL-ALT-- on the numeric pad.


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