utah gentoo list (possible interest?)

Tierra etierra at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 14:32:26 MDT 2005

On 10/20/05, Dennis <devel at muhlesteins.com> wrote:
> Steve Dibb wrote:
> I get Gentoo's mailing list in digest form so I can post if needed, but
> I generally read the list with a news reader so I don't have to get all
> the mail.  I'm far more likely to find an answer in their mailing list
> or on their forums than on a  local list due to the sheer volume of
> people signed up.
> The apache2 ebuild beware was posted in the real GWN before that was
> marked stable (as are tips and tricks)  How would you come up with
> something new and unique each week that makes it worth reading two GWNs?
> Not to shoot the idea down, but I usually don't have time to come to
> meetings (IOW: They are not higher priority than the things I already
> have scheduled).  Most of the things you'd want to do with a Gentoo
> machine are already documented with quite explicit howtos on their site,
> so I just read those if it can't simply be done by typing: emerge
> someprogram.
> Just my $.02

I'm with Dennis on this one. I've been using Gentoo for close to 3
years now, but I really don't see a need for a Utah specific group. It
would only cause for more confusion for anyone new to Gentoo anyway
unless we had a decent number of active members. I would be curious as
to the number of interested Utah Gentoo users though, maybe it's more
possible than I'm guessing.

On a somewhat related note though, I would love to see some of us get
a cool solution together that would work for the local linux install
fests as far as Gentoo is concerned that shows off some of the power
of Gentoo.

- Bryan

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