utah gentoo list (possible interest?)

Steve Dibb steve at wonkabar.org
Thu Oct 20 13:30:57 MDT 2005

Dennis wrote:

>>Secondly, have something similiar to the GWN, where we can send out
>>weekly tips, tricks, news (stuff like the new apache2 ebuild,
>>beware!), etc.
> The apache2 ebuild beware was posted in the real GWN before that was
> marked stable (as are tips and tricks)  How would you come up with
> something new and unique each week that makes it worth reading two GWNs?

Agreed, the apache2 upgrade isn't really a good example because it was 
so well documented (in my opinion) on the forums and mentioned in GWN a 
few times.

I was thinking more along the lines of highlighting certain programs 
that are in portage that go unnoticed since nobody knows about them, and 
highlight those and show some examples on how to use them.  Or, just 
even cover something that is very useful (like sed), but if you don't 
know how to use it or know what it does, you never would know about it, 
so we could post a small introductory primer.

>>Last, occassionaly have meetings specific to Gentoo stuff, like howto
>>setup/configure a mail server or MythTV or Apache2 + PHP5 or something.
> Not to shoot the idea down, but I usually don't have time to come to
> meetings (IOW: They are not higher priority than the things I already
> have scheduled).  Most of the things you'd want to do with a Gentoo
> machine are already documented with quite explicit howtos on their site,
> so I just read those if it can't simply be done by typing: emerge
> someprogram.

Agreed, just about every major server/program in the portage tree is 
really well documented somewhere how to set it up and get it running, 
but sometimes there's nothing like having a bunch of people in the room 
trying to get the same thing done, and knocking out a few misconceptions 
or inspiring others all at once.


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