utah gentoo list (possible interest?)

Dennis devel at muhlesteins.com
Thu Oct 20 13:23:40 MDT 2005

Steve Dibb wrote:

> (Cross-posted to UPHPU, SLLUG and PLUG)
> Hey all,
> I'm thinking of putting together a small Gentoo LUG local to us Utah
> users / admins.
> Now, before you groan and say, "not another LUG", lemme point out some
> of the stuff I'd like to accomplish.
> One, is to have a local mailing list for gentooers, which would be a
> lot less volume than just subscribing to one of the main gentoo user
> mailing lists.

I get Gentoo's mailing list in digest form so I can post if needed, but
I generally read the list with a news reader so I don't have to get all
the mail.  I'm far more likely to find an answer in their mailing list
or on their forums than on a  local list due to the sheer volume of
people signed up.

> Secondly, have something similiar to the GWN, where we can send out
> weekly tips, tricks, news (stuff like the new apache2 ebuild,
> beware!), etc.

The apache2 ebuild beware was posted in the real GWN before that was
marked stable (as are tips and tricks)  How would you come up with
something new and unique each week that makes it worth reading two GWNs?

> Last, occassionaly have meetings specific to Gentoo stuff, like howto
> setup/configure a mail server or MythTV or Apache2 + PHP5 or something.

Not to shoot the idea down, but I usually don't have time to come to
meetings (IOW: They are not higher priority than the things I already
have scheduled).  Most of the things you'd want to do with a Gentoo
machine are already documented with quite explicit howtos on their site,
so I just read those if it can't simply be done by typing: emerge

Just my $.02


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