utah gentoo list (possible interest?)

Matthew Ross Walker matt at thebraingarden.com
Thu Oct 20 13:11:07 MDT 2005

Steve Dibb wrote:
> (Cross-posted to UPHPU, SLLUG and PLUG)
> Hey all,
> I'm thinking of putting together a small Gentoo LUG local to us Utah
> users / admins.
> Now, before you groan and say, "not another LUG", lemme point out some
> of the stuff I'd like to accomplish.
> One, is to have a local mailing list for gentooers, which would be a lot
> less volume than just subscribing to one of the main gentoo user mailing
> lists.
> Secondly, have something similiar to the GWN, where we can send out
> weekly tips, tricks, news (stuff like the new apache2 ebuild, beware!),
> etc.
> Last, occassionaly have meetings specific to Gentoo stuff, like howto
> setup/configure a mail server or MythTV or Apache2 + PHP5 or something.
> And not much more than that.
> If there's any interest, let me know.
> Thanks!

Count me as interested! Been using Gentoo on production servers, and on
my workstation for 2 or 3 years now.

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