Employment opportunities

Thayne Harbaugh thayne at realmsys.com
Thu Oct 20 12:55:20 MDT 2005

Realm Systems (http://realmsys.com) has immediate job openings.  We have
a very cool product that was eleased at LinuxWorld called the BlackDog
(http://projectblackdog.com).  BlackDog is a miniature, portable,
USB-powered Linux server that is targeted at the Linux hobbyist.  There
are other products similar to the BlackDog that are targeted for the
enterprise.  These unique products have won Realm several awards and
significant recognition from LinuxWorld to DEMOfall (http://demo.com).
Realm systems is also developing many high-performance server products
yet to be announced.

Please send your resume to thayne at realmsys.com or call Thayne Harbaugh
at 801-208-8161.

Position: BlackDog and Enterprise Customer Support
Description: This is a junior position that is much more than the "is it
plugged in?" level of technical support.  Email, web forums and a bug
database are used to track customers and support issues.  There are many
opportunities for advancement to other positions.
Skills required:
	* system boot and initialization
	* Bourne shell scripting
	* fundamental C and C++ programming
	* kernel compiling
	* package compiling
	* source-tree navigation
	* customer awareness and communication
Skills desired:
	* experience with multiple Linux distros
	* MS Windows user understanding
	* debugging experience

Position: User Interface and Application Developer
Description: Designing a new look and feel user interface that is cool
and functional.  Adaptation of current applications to integrate with
the features of the new user interface.
Skills required:
	* GTK programming
	* Graphics proramming (OpenGL, other toolkits)
	* solid understanding of C and C++ programming
	* POSIX threads
	* fundamental understanding of X
Skills desired:
	* In-depth X programming
	* Window manager programming
	* BS in computer science

Position: Mobile Personal Server platform developer
Desciption: Creating core OS and base services and infrastructure and
supporting SDK for the Realm products.

        - Thorough knowledge with C and C++
        - Thorough understanding of POSIX libraries and system calls 
        - Understanding of fundamentals of Linux operating system
        such as the system start up sequence and kernel build process
        - Basic working knowledge with make and the GNU autotools
        - Basic understanding of dpkg and apt
        - Basic understanding of CORBA
        - Perl, python, bash, or similar scripting language.
        - 5 years C/C++
        - 5 years UNIX
        - 3 years Linux
        B.S. in C.S. or equivalent not necessary but preferable.

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