getting data to and from a windows machine to a linux machine

Chris Carey chris.carey at
Wed Oct 19 15:58:13 MDT 2005

Use a free Dynamic DNS service on the windows to give your dynamic ip
a domain name (no-ip, dyndns, dynu, etc). That solves that problem.

Using rsync on both machines is a great option. Install cygwin on the
windows machine to get rsync there.

Or if its just mysql you want then you can use MySQL-Front or another
utility to synchronize the two databases. I prefer to use SSH to
tunnel the mysql connection to the remote machine.

On 10/19/05, bibhor dhungel <bibhor at> wrote:
> hi,
> I need some help in regards to setting up connection between a windows and a
> linux machine. The windows machine is in another state(CA) and the linux
> machine is here in Utah. I need to transfer some data back and forth between
> the two machines. The problem is that the windows machine doesnt have a
> static ip. What secure ways are there to transfer the data between the two
> machines. using rsync is an option i am looking at right now. But since the
> data to be transferred is mostly between mysql tables are there any options
> that I could use? thanks. is there an option where i could use the mac
> address of the windows to accept the data when it comes to linux? thanks
> bibhor
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