iPod or music player.

Roberto Mello rmello at fslc.usu.edu
Tue Oct 18 16:47:07 MDT 2005

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 03:34:43PM -0600, Grant Robinson wrote:
> As far as linux goes, there are several programs you can use (gtkpod, 
> Rythmbox, etc), or you can run iTunes through Wine/CrossOver Office.  I 

Rhythmbox can play songs from the iPod, but you can't add or modify songs
in the iPod with it.

gtkpod, OTOH, lets you add and modify songs (i.e. change tags) on the
iPod, but playing is not as nice an in rhythmbox (it calls xmms or some
other player, which can suffice).

Of note is that in order for gtkpod to handle MP4/AAC files, it has to be
compiled with aac support.

I use Jon Johansen's SharpMusique to purchase music from the iTunes music
store, so they're not DRM'd. The problem with that is that it seems the
tags get lost, and the iPod relies entirely on the tags to categorize the


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